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Let's begin by saying, these thought-experiments are for those with experience and an understanding of BPMN.


Our thought-experiments are designed to help learners make a decision about an imaginary scenario based on a set of prepositions or conditions. They are meant for you to investigate the nature of these imaginary scenarios and proceed through a series of stages to gain new knowledge, improve your application of BPMN, and surface previously unexamined mental models.

Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences with BPMN

In this first micro TE, we will dive into surfacing our own understanding of BPMN and examine how we can create meaningful learning experiences.

Create a Meaningful Model Describing an Organizational problem to Multiple Stakeholders  - coming soon

In this micro TE, we dive into how to create a model (avoiding cognitive overload) for the VP of manufacturing, the product owner, the manufacturing engineer, and the robotics AI software developer?

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