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Learning BPMN Together

A core principle that guides us, is the acknowledgment and affirmation that not one of us has all of the answers alone. But collectively, we can truly gain a higher understanding of a given topic. We believe in creating meaningful learning experiences that you can use to expand your understanding of BPMN, not only as an individual but as part of a team within an organization. 


For those who have read or are reading our book, this is a launch point to dive in deeper and test your knowledge, apply modeling and notation concepts, and work with us as you begin your journey.  Those of you, who have discovered us through your journey as a self-directed learner, this is also another avenue for you to acquire the knowledge for modeling with BPMN.


You are just one click away from gaining access to our free learning experiences, training material, and being apart of our team of learners.

Teacher Instructing

We believe in learning together. While we won't be able to share all of our possible learning experiences and material of BPMN here. We felt that sharing some of our introduction material of BPMN will help those who are reading our book or early in the learning process for BPMN.

Click on a BPMN category you are interested in. Here we offer tests, practical application exercises, and much more. 

Pools & Connecting Objects





One of the things we love about BPMN is the opportunities it brings to improve your organizational processes. For us, teaching others how to see the potential within their own organization is very motivating. We created a set of consultation learning experiences that are designed to test your level of expertise with BPMN. 

Consultation Exercises

Here you will find consultation exercises from our book and from our BPMN advanced courses
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