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The Transformation of Experiences When Learning BPMN

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Based on our research, we created the experiential learning mental model. The experiential learning mental model for BPMN describes a pattern of activities about how experiences are grasped and transformed to create BPMN knowledge.

Experiential Learning Mental Model for BPMN

The experiential learning mental model for BPMN describes how experiences are used to create BPMN knowledge. The descriptions in the mental model are not all-encompassing; it is not meant to be a generalized list of all the BPMN modelers of the world. Rather, it is a framework for applying various grasped experiences to create BPMN knowledge. It enables us to expand on what we know and dive deeper into the learning process and create new ways to learn BPMN. It also enables us to develop meaningful experiential learning experiences.

Interested in learning more? Check out our book: Learning BPMN 2.0 A Practical Guide for Today’s Adult Learners. There we describe in detail how you can learn BPMN and apply it your organization's business process models.

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